Destinations: Can I add a destination as day trip or base?

Sometimes it's just easier to stay overnight in one or two destinations and travel around them daily, we are very aware of this necessity and working out a way to reflect it best in our product.

When scrolling down under the map in your trip planner, we offer a great photo-gallery with suggested day trips and attractions for each over-night destination, we are also working on a feature to allow you to add those day trips to your itinerary.
In the meanwhile, please add your day trip destinations with '0' number of nights to have them shown on your travel map, Base-camps are to be added with full number of nights stay (some sights and locations will not be available to add to your itinerary since they are not destination where you can stay over-night, the system will then add the nearest town\city).
Please note: A destination is a village\town\city you can stay overnight at, the system will not be able to add sights or attraction to you itinerary (e.g. Pompeii, EuroDisney etc.) 

Feel free to contact us at if you'd like to subscribe for feature updates and we'll let you know when new features are launched.

We urge you to post any of your feature requests and promise to give it our full attention, click to post on Request Features board

Hope you find your perfect route!

The RoutePerfect Team



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