Why can't I see each hotel's price?

By booking as a package, you gain access to special rates that are only available if the price for each item of the package is concealed.


Why is that?

In the online travel industry, there is something called "price parity.” “Price parity" is a price that the hotel sets as the minimum rate that an online travel agency is allowed to sell the room for. No online travel agency is allowed to undercut this price, as long as the price is visible to the customer. For the customer, this is displayed as "best price guarantee,”  which you can see beneath the room price on all online travel agency websites.  


However, the prices hotels set via online travel agencies are higher than the prices that would fill their room capacity, so most hotels are left with empty rooms that they want to sell. Since they can’t  sell all of their vacant rooms at the price posted on online travel agencies, they need to sell them at lower prices. Due to "price parity,” they cannot allow anyone to sell their rooms at a lower prices, as long as the price is  visible to customers. In order to offer lower rates, the prices must be concealed from the customers. These special rates, which can be discounted up to 50% off of "price parity" rates, are called "package rates" or "opaque rates.” Only channels that are certified for concealing the prices get access to these special rates.

RoutePerfect is certified to receive these special concealed rates. That is where the package comes in: by not showing you the rates of each individual hotel, you save up to 20%, on average, on your package.


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