Get started: Plan your perfect trip!

Planning your next vacation? not quite sure where to go and what to do there? or simply want to get all the pieces of your trip in one place? 
We've got a solution for you! try our recipe for a perfect trip:

For starters you can try our top itineraries @

  • Simply put in your desired countries, select the type of trip, feed in the number of days you have for the trip and the system will suggest all the popular suggested itineraries made by our travel experts that will best fit your trip type and length.
  • You can always edit any itinerary and customize it to your taste.

Otherwise, you can easily plan your own trip customized to your own personal style, budget and travel preferences. To start planning:

  • Go to our homepage @ choose your vacation type the number of days you have allocated for this trip, feed in your arrival and departure destinations, you can choose between trips that better suit a car or public transportation and then choose your budget. Once done, click 'Show me my trip!'
  • Add destinations you "must-see" in your trip manually by hovering over any destination and feeding their name to the '+Add destination' field at the bottom. The system will build your trip around it. To exclude a destination simply hover over it and click the "x remove" button to remove the destination (it will automatically go to the 'excluded destinations' list under your itinerary. Alternalively, you can change any of the itinerary destinations. Hover over the destination you want to replace, click on the "Change destination" button at the bottom and the system will suggest alternative destinations or you may enter your own but selecting "Other" and feeding in its name.
  • The system will sort out the optimal route between your manually added destinations and between each two destinations according to the type of transportation you defined earlier- you will be able to see the distance, and time of ride (when you choose "Moving around" by car or public transportation it has a direct impact on the times, distances and suggested route). You can also override this by manually adding or changing destinations. 
  • Play with the trip preferences bars. Click the "Trip preferences" button at the top of the itinerary and on the left of the planning map to get system generated ideas that fits your needs and preferences. e.g. drag beaches to the max to make it a coast to coast sunny travel adventure!
  • To learn more about each destination and why it was picked for you scroll down and read about each of the destinations history, population and background, view the photo-gallery to get great ideas of recommended local attractions to visit and recommended day trips in the surrounding area. The slides and photo gallery actually change according to the trip theme, time limit and preferences you fed; so if you choose a 7-days family trip for the nature lovers for example, we will show you all the best attractions and day trips in your location that best suit kids and family fun, 7-days-trip in natural settings!
  • Don't forget to check out the recommended hotels section. It is compiled based on real guest reviews, provided by our partner TrustYou, coupled with our Routeperfect's own ranking algorithm.
  • Book your acommodations, Car Rental, Flight Tickets and City Experiences through any of our partners at at, Expedia, and Agoda. You may check out availablity and prices, and book by clicking on their links.
  • Once you have booked, head over to Routeperfect's Trip Organizer. Save your bookings details in an organized manner and take it on the go with you using our mobile App, available for iOS and Android.

If you have any question or you need an expert opinion please write us at

Hope you find your perfect route!

The Routeperfect Team




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