Booking: Free Cancellation vs. Non-refundable

So what does this booking policies actually mean?

Well, hotels often offer a set of various promotions with different terms for different rates. Normally, you'll find that the cheapest deals have the most strict terms or - What's too cheap comes out most expensive - this means that often these bookings will not allow any flexibility; they will not allow a refund in case you have to cancel the booking (no matter the circumstances) and some won't even allow you to make any changes (date\name changes etc.), it is therefore something to take into consideration when choosing your hotels and rooms. If you believe there is any reason you may need to later on cancel your booking or prefers to stay flexible, it's safe to say it is well worth the additional cost (there normally would be a slight difference of few tens of dollars) over being charged in full for unclaimed reservations.

It's important to mention that non-refundable reservations are charged immediately upon booking and so this means we automatically transfer all funds to the property and from that moment on it's almost impossible to obtain back the funds if the terms back the hotels decision. 

What can you do? Read all the terms and policies to make sure you're fully aware of what you're about to book - in case you do not agree with the terms you can go back and change the hotel and room at any time before completing the purchase.


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Hope you find your perfect route!

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